Operating Lease

  1. The followings which encompass the range of products and services that form the core of our dedicated fleet management team: 
    • Vehicle Acquisition (Existing/New)
    • Dedicated Fleet Management Team
    • Leasing Rates, Terms and Conditions
    • Service and Maintenance management
    • 24 hour Breakdown and Service 
    • Vehicle Replacement 
    • Accident and Insurance management
    • License and Authority Compliance
    • Vehicle and Driver information management
    • Key Performance Index
    • Implementation Plan and Roll out timeline
  2. Dedicated Fleet Management Team
    Guided by our in-house CLASS (CityLimo Automated Service System) fleet management system, a dedicated Team of Operations Specialists will be assigned to manage issues viz.: Schedule maintenance & repairs, Insurance & Road Tax, Authority compliance, Accident breakdown, Insurance claims and Summons. 
  3. What’s Included?
    The leasing terms includes:
    • Road Tax
    • Comprehensive Insurance coverage
    • Coverage of third party property damage
    • Full maintenance
    • Scheduled servicing to manufacturers specifications
    • Replacement tires, batteries, breakdowns, towing etc.
    • Free replacement vehicle during servicing, breakdowns
    • Accident management
    • Unlimited Mileage
    • Free Towing services 
  4. Service and Maintenance Management
    The CLASS fleet management system will keep track of the service and maintenance schedules strictly adhere to the vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Service notice will be sent to users. The schedule service can be carried out in any of the Franchised authorized service centres.
  5. 24-Hour Emergency/Technical Assistance 
    We have good infrastructure network for breakdown, emergency and workshop services in Malaysia and Singapore. We are supported by the biggest team of “Car Docs” throughout Malaysia providing 24 hours breakdown service.
  6. Vehicle Replacement 
    Free replacement vehicle (in Malaysia only) when the vehicle is required for scheduled service, inspection by Puspakom and mechanical or accident repairs.
  7. Accident and Insurance management
    Our specialist will provide assistance and advice to reduce the maze of procedures that follow after an accident:
    • Police report
    • Towing in the damage vehicle
    • Replacement of vehicle (if require)
    • Preparation estimates and claims
    • Negotiations with assessors
    • Swift repair services
  8. License and Authority Compliance
    We will be responsible for all statutory licenses and authority compliance. 
  9. Vehicle and Driver information Management
    The CLASS system is able to capture the drivers’ information, repairs history, traffic/parking offences and fuel management. Various analytical reports can be generated for management and benchmarking purposes.
  10. Key Performance Index
    A set of Key Performance Index (KPIs) will be agreed by both party and use to evaluate the capabilities and performance of our service level.
  11. Service Tax 6% (SST) is Exempted !