Lease Policies


The Lessee or Driver

  • must be at least 23 years old and not over 65 years old 
  • must possess a valid Malaysia or an international driving licence for at least two years, and produce it along with a Malaysia identification card/International passport
  • foreigners are allowed to drive using their foreign driving licence for 6 months. Thereafter, conversion to a Malaysia driving licence is recommended.
  • Singaporean and foreigners holding a Singapore work pass or permanent resident of Singapore, is not allow to drive the vehicle into Singapore.



  • Lease rates quoted, which include insurance coverage, vehicle maintenance and unlimited mileage, are in Malaysia currency (RM). No Services Tax (SST).
  • The estimated lease charge, including a refundable deposit, is payable at the time of vehicle collection. 
  • All major credit cards are accepted


  • Citylimo Leasing must be notified in advance (1 month) of any extension of the leasing period.
  • Failure to notify may render the Lessee liable for driving the vehicle without insurance
  • The Lessee shall be liable for any late payment interest at the rate of 1.5% per month calculated on a daily basis



  • Comprehensive insurance is provided for the leased vehicle and against liability for the death or bodily injury to third parties, as well as damage to property of third parties. It does not cover loss or theft of vehicle accessories or personal belongings
  • The Lessee is responsible for the stated Excess for loss or damage to the vehicle for each and every accident during the period of lease. The Lessee liability may be reduced by payment of a Collision Damage Reduction (CDR) fee as indicated and the Non-Waiverable Excess (NWE) will apply respectively:


  • This is an additional insurance benefit available at RM100 per month for personal injuries to the driver and his passengers in the case of an accident and provides coverage up to a total of RM100,000.00 per vehicle subjected to policy terms and conditions
  • *RM50,000.00 to Hirer, RM50,000.00 to passengers (Maximum 4) and medical reimbursement is up to RM1,250.00 for each person.


  • Each vehicle is supplied with at least a quarter tank of premium grade petrol. The Lessee must refill the petrol at the end of the rental period to the same petrol level at the point when the vehicle was checked out
  • The Lessee shall pay for parking and toll charges, as well as all other SST taxable charges in accordance to the SST bill
  • It is the Lessee responsibility to purchase Touch & Go card and parking coupons
  • The Lessee is responsible for all traffic and parking violations

The Lessee is to abide by the full terms & conditions found in the Leasing Agreement.